Behind the Scenes of Halo: Reach’s Defiant Map Pack

March 9, 2011, By Christian Davis

The Halo: Reach Defiant Map Pack is going to be covered in Covenant blood on March 15th. Coming with three brand new maps, gamers will be consistently playing Halo for an even longer time. Microsoft has sent over a behind the scenes look at the upcoming Defiant Map Pack and it’s definitely a sight to behold.

343 Industries has always had great video documentaries. You can really tell that the team love what they do and have a passion for the Halo franchise. In the video, you’ll hear 343 discuss the three maps: Condemned, Highlands and Unearthed.

You’ll get an insight on the design process of each map, why these three were chosen, and how they got inspiration for some fan favorite Halo 2 maps. Each new multiplayer map is diverse, exciting, and action packed. All of which are exactly what the team wanted.

Here’s the video below:

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