‘SohoOS’ Your Small Business; Make Challenges Look Silly

March 7, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Fancy this. You need to run your small business but can’t make your mind when it comes to challenges your tasks throw before you. Here’s something of a panacea coming your way. In case you had desperately wanted a single platform that would help you manage all those software options of your small business, you need to read on.

Mangrove Capital Partners, the Luxembourg-based venture capital firm, which has its eyes trained on helping small businesses, has pumped in $1.75 million  in SohoOS. The aim is to help itself boost its small business management suite. So what does SohoOS hold for you?

Imagine you are one of those entrepreneurs running a small business. Challenges are bound to crop up at every bend, and you may be left to fight issues relating to a whole lot of aspects.

Be it issues relating to billing, inventory, job posting or communication, SohoOS will simply open before you a whole host of ideas on how to tackle such stuff.

And further, it would also allow you to network with other SMB owners too and chart out efficient ways to face up to the challenges in everyday business.

The idea stems from the realization that there are a whole lot of applications on the world wide web which can be put to effective use.

Soho comes into play by making sure a centralized location for all SMB applications could set something into a class of its own. Soho OS comes free – though not all functions are free but most of them are.

Further, what we like about the services is that almost all of them are too good and they offer definitive advantages to using things such as QuickBooks or the suite from 37signals. Significantly, everything is easily accessible in one place.

SohoOS is expected to grow into a virtual enterprise for business owners and have set its goal in the creation of a unique environment where small and micro business will prosper. With a good array of apps and services available free-of-cost, SohoOS also provides a $5 credit to SMBs.

The video posted below will give you a fairly good idea of what we just spoke about. What do you think about this venture? Are you the owner of a start up who would like to rope in SohoOS into your activities. Tell us why you would do that.

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