iPhone 5 design to ditch glass casing with aluminum

March 7, 2011, By Alex Ion

Last week’s announcement of the iPad 2, was great. Lots of new features, the device looks much slicker and is much more powerful. But the hype is over and we’re now ready to start speculating on what the iPhone 5 will look like.

According to a report cited by MacRumors, when released, the new iPhone 5 is not going to feature the same glass backing; it will be replaced with an aluminum casing.

And all of a sudden we think about the first iPhone and the fact that it used to slip from your hand, but at least feel good that it won’t be that “crackable” anymore.

The reason why they ditch the glass casing could also be related to the fact that they’re having a hard time painting it in white? Hence why we haven’t seen the white iPhone 4 on the market yet?

But that’s not all that will change.

Since they’re changing the glass casing, the exterior antenna will also be revamped so that you don’t get yourself in trouble again, with sloppy signal when you hold the phone in a certain position.

Apple hasn’t commented on the design change, of course, and all we have is this mockup from Macotakara.

Not sure about you, but I’d keep the current design and improve on that, rather than going back to the old ones.

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