Be Surprised by Windows Phone

March 6, 2011, By Christian Cawley

If you’ve been waiting for a phone to surprise you – “in a good way” – then you should probably be looking in the direction of Windows Phone 7, according to a very funky new advert from Microsoft.

Be Surprised by Windows Phone 7

As regular readers of DeviceMAG will know, Windows Phone 7 is a fast platform, one that will allow you to upload a photo to Facebook in around 5 seconds as well as offering integration with Microsoft Office and Xbox LIVE tools and services.

Previous advertising campaigns have focused on the platform’s speed, with the “Really?” campaign underlining how many mobile phone owners get all anti-social when out and about, a particular dig at the app-centric iPhone users.

Microsoft’s latest campaign, meanwhile, is intended to promote the unique features particular to Windows Phone, namely Office and Xbox LIVE. This makes sense; in a world where Apple are releasing their productivity tools on iPhone and iPad and Sony are making PlayStation games available for mobile, Microsoft are naturally playing up to the platform’s “big name” strengths, while keeping quiet about the things it doesn’t do yet (such as full SkyDrive sync or the potential for simoultaneous multiplayer games).

Check the video of the ad below…

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