Steve Jobs Smiles at LTE Tech; Apple LTE iPhone in the Offing!

March 4, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Reports from different quarters suggest that the Apple CEO is well interested in bringing out the LTE version of the iPhone.

Apple and LTE seemed not to gel with each other too much – until now! Indications are that  Steve Jobs has developed a soft corner for LTE technology all of a sudden. Well it seems that Apple will also be joining the LTE phone bandwagon.

Though we have already seen quite a few Android devices getting onto the LTE stage and stealing a lot of limelight, the move from Apple in this direction have been somewhat slow.

Now, suggesting that the future  will be of LTE devices, credible sources have confirmed Apple’s interest in developing an LTE device in the near future.

Wang Jainzhou, Chairman of China Mobile has responded to press questions that Apple CEO is interested in the LTE technology and is seriously considering implementing it in an iPhone.

China Mobile were in talks with Apple to get a share of the iPhone market pie in China, but reportedly found no positive outcome in that direction.

But the comment from the China Mobile chief can be an indication that Apple after developing the LTE iPhone will allow China Mobile to distribute it in the Chinese market.

Well, we are not very much interested in predictions in that direction right now. But the hint that Apple is mulling over LTE iPhones  makes us think something very inspiring is in the works – Apple fans can have a field day soon!

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