Fixing Photos with Windows Live Photo Gallery

March 4, 2011, By Christian Cawley

If you have been following our series of tutorials on Windows Live Photo Gallery you will know that this great software can be used to create panoramas, fix problems with people blinking in photos and it even offers a variety of sharing options for uploading photos to Facebook and SkyDrive.

There is more to Windows Live Photo Gallery than that, however – one of its most important sets tools can be found on the Edit tab, where you will find a section labelled Adjustments. This is used to improve images, either automatically using the Auto adjust tool or manually using Crop, Red eye, Retouch, Straighten and other options.

Fixing Red-eye with Windows Live Photo Gallery

Fixing Red Eye in Windows Live Photo Gallery

One of the most frustrating issues with taking photos on digital or analogue camera is the presence of red eye, created when the subject looks at the flash when the photo is taken. Windows Live Photo Gallery features a useful red eye removal tool that can be used for easily overcoming this problem either on snaps created on a digital camera or those scanned from printed photos.

To use the red eye removal, first double-click the image of choice in Windows Live Photo Gallery and find the Red eye item on the Adjustments tab. Once clicked, the mouse pointer will turn into a crosshairs, with which you should draw a square around each of the subject’s red-tinted irises. You might need to use the zoom tool in the lower-right corner (or hold CTRL and roll your mouse wheel) in order to get a better view, but once the square is marked, the red eye removal tool will resolve the issue.

Other Photo Fixing Tools

Along with the red eye removal tool you can crop and straighten images. The Crop tool uses an interesting grid system which requires you to drag the placeholders to resize or reposition the grid ready for cropping – once the grid is in position, everything outside of its boundary will be removed from the image. Meanwhile the Straighten tool will help you to bring prominent horizontal and vertical elements into a perpendicular state on wonky photos.

You can even use the Retouch tool to get rid of any “skin glare” on your subjects face, eyes and teeth if you find them distracting, while Noise reduction can be used to tidy up problems with visual interference and poor exposure.

Additionally, the Auto adjust tool can be used to save time by fixing all of these elements with a single click; you can also use Auto adjust > Settings… > Edit to add more auto adjust functions into the single click fix.

One last thing – the Fine tune option offers sliders to adjust exposure, color, detail and the ability to straighten photos manually, a useful additional option if none of your attempts to resolve issues with your photos are successful using the basic solutions.

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