Apple iPad 2 Shipments to Touch 12-Million Mark in Q2 2011

March 4, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

The launch has happened, and the hype has grown manifold. On the other side of the sales counters, we know all you enthusiasts are waiting to catch hold of the second generation device from Apple. From what we get to know, Apple has enough and more stock of the iPad 2, and estimates are that by the second quarter of the current year Apple would be shipping close to 12 million iPad 2 tablets.

So, that could mean Apple is pretty sure about how big the demand is out there. For the current month alone, Apple looks at shipments of around 3 million iPad 2 devices. This confirmation comes from DigiTimes, and puts to rest speculations as to the numbers could be significantly lower.

As we have seen, Apple has had an ambitious launch for its iPad2. The company is also sure that demand will be large for the sleek, faster, thinner second generation iPad version.

It has already been confirmed that Apple will take delivery of 40 million iPads from Taiwan suppliers in 2011. The shipment volume is expected to pierce the 6.5 million units mark.

The US market will get to play with the device on March 11. As many as 25 other countries will get the iPad 2 on March 25. The world has already tasted awesome experience with the first generation device already, and has made 1.7-2 million units of the iPad.

Are you one of those who will buy the iPad 2 this month itself? Tell us what makes you a keen customer.

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