Xoom 3G in UK for £600 while Amazon.de pegs it at €700 for pre-order

March 3, 2011, By Shawn Wagnon

Here is plenty of commotion surrounding the Xoom and most of it is regarding the price tag that it comes with. Back in the US, many believe that it needs to be priced more aggressively to compete with iPad 2 that has just seen a huge launch. Of course, more storage and better hardware is another side of the argument, which is also floating around. No matter what you want to go with, initial reports from Europe seem to indicate that Motorola wants to make profits while the buzz lasts.

Carphone Warehouse has priced the 3G Xoom at £600, while PC World had put that Wi-Fi-Only version at £500 earlier. So that is a good 100 bucks up for the 3G Xoom for all the guys in the UK. While other news coming in from Europe suggest that Amazon.de (the guys who leaked iPad 2 launch date, price and specs to perfection hours ahead of the launch) are willing to offer the Xoom in Germany for €700.

No matter whom you want to go with, it seems fair to expect that the Honeycomb tablets will get progressively cheaper in the next few months. If there are no pressing demands, Christmas seems a good time to buy, as hinted by Moto CEO Sanjay Jha. Going for Xoom even after iPad 2 launch?

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