Windows Phone 7 Update for Samsung mobiles to resume shortly

March 3, 2011, By Shawn Wagnon

Samsung seem to have some kind of special relationship when it comes to updates on their mobiles. Whether it is Android devices or even Windows Phone 7 ones, their updates are always in news. And most often it is for all the wrong reasons.

This one is no different. Microsoft has released a Windows Phone 7 update for smartphones running the OS and while others may have had a glitch or two, most Samsung owners found their mobiles bricked after the update.

We had some of our readers complain about this as well and the scheduled update was pulled shortly later. Now Microsoft is all set to try the update once again and the fixed version is set to be out very soon.

Samsung-WP7 mobile owners will receive the message on their mobiles and you can then download the update.

The update will have to be downloaded over a PC as it is not available over the air and once you are done with the downloading, you can install it and let us know how it went this time around!

Samsung is becoming pretty infamous for OS updates and no matter who is to blame in this case, it might ultimately reflect poorly on the mobile maker.

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