Samsung Galaxy S 2 Smartphones Have Nvidia Tegra 2 Inside; At least Some of Them

March 3, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Dope on the Samsung Galaxy S 2 never seems to cease. Every time you think of the device, there’s something new to chew on. The latest comes in the form of a confirmation from Nvidia, who has nodded to grapevine talk that the smart handsets have opted for the powerful Tegra 2 SoC. Don’t jump in excitement yet – Samsung has made only a partial adoption of the Tegra 2. And, that means only some those handsets Nvidia will have Tegra 2 inside.

This is just technical info, and nobody knows which phone has the Tegra 2 chip. We doubt whether even the retailers can pick the phones that have the Nvidia stuff and show them to you.

Other than Tegra 2, the other option the phones have are Samsung’s own in house-made Exynos 4210 SoC. We just wish we could pick the Tegra 2 devices in case we go shopping for the device.

But then, we are left to wonder why Samsung has opted for this dual platform. May be Samsung is finding a stock shortage when it comes to Exynos. And, that could be one possible reason as to why the company has gone knocking at Nvidia’s door.

We will need to go testing both options to know whether performance aspects differ. Going by what we have experienced with Tegra 2, we guess the phones hiding the Nvidia stuff under the hood would be a better performer.

However, by going in for both Samsung seems to be pretty sure that performance comparisons should be given a miss as all models would work well.

Why don’t you try that for yourself? Don’t forget to do a comparison and let us know too. In the meanwhile, hit the play button below to watch our hands on video of the Samsung Galaxy S 2.

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