Resistance 3 Only supports 16 players Online

March 3, 2011, By Christian Davis

Resistance 2 supported 60 players online and it was a lot of fun having such massive battles. Insomniac Games now has it multiplayer set  at the significantly lower number of 16, setting the gameplay to 8 on 8 for every mode.

It wasn’t a technical problem, they just felt it was a more “personal” experience. That’s unfortunate. 8 versus 8 isn’t really desirable anymore and we’re all craving more. Especially when MAG boasted 256 players online.

Along with the amount of players, we also have word of some passive and active multiplayer abilities. Active abilities such as ammo drops are now present as well as an electrical shield. Passive abilities such as character buffs are also present. Things such as increased accuracy when running.


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