Pentax Optio S1 This Month for $200; We Just Love the Infra-Red Remote Feature

March 3, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Adding one more cute charmer to their point-and-shoot compact range of cameras, Pentax has outed the new Optio S1 – with the promise that it would be capable of recording High Definition video in 720p and also HDR (High Dynamic Range) photos.

Featuring a 14 megapixel sensor and 5x wide angle optical zoom lens, the Pentax Optio S1 also boasts of a 2.7 inch LCD display that allows it to playback still images and HD video too.

What we like about the device is the Optio S1’s capability to allow clicking the camera with an infra-red remote. Doesn’t that sound awesome? Though it doesn’t come along with the package, you have the option of buying the infra-red remote separately.

These features apart, the camera will also sport face detection, blink detection and sensor shift stabilization properties and has been introduced with an unique array of different picture modes.

Ultimately pocketable and cutely designed, the camera is being offered by Pentax in a variety of hues that would indeed be alluring to the core.

Now, here comes the most charming aspect of them all. Yes the pricing indeed. Pentax will be putting on the racks the new Optio S1 for a cool the $200. We know you have that spare money to splurge on.

But yes, you will just have to wait till the month-end – may be before the fag end of the current month – to lay your hands on this amazing digicam.

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