Mortal Kombat’s Challenge Tower changes the game completely

March 3, 2011, By Christian Davis

One of the best things about the Mortal Kombat series were the mini games that they’d throw in randomly. Test your might for example had you try and break through about 8 wooden boards with one strike. As simple as that sounds, it was a highlight to the game. Now, there’s an entire mode dedicated to that style of play called the Challenge Tower.

The Challenge Tower has players go through 300 different challenges that will truly test the might of even the best players. Filled with gameplay variations that you wouldn’t expect like a shooting gallery with Johnny Cage and Stryker.

How about a fight where you can’t jump and the other player can’t use special moves. A dynamic like that really changes the game and it’s looking like one of the most fun additions.

Here’s a trailer for it below. It will get you even more excited for the games release later this year.

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