Meganoid Free Android Gamer

March 3, 2011, By Christian Cawley

New for Android phones (all versions), Meganoid is free from the Market and describes itself as “not easy” – which is like a red rag to a bull for most gamers. With 8-bit style design and offering 40 challenging levels (with more to come), the gaem requires you to defend earth from aliens who are attacking the planet

Meganoid free game for Android

The thing is, though, they might not be aliens but mutated humans who have possibly been mutated by real aliens actually from another planet, and there may or may not be a big human corporation involved with some connections with another species controlled by evil aliens from yet another planet…

As video game backstories go, this is one that could quite easily be seated in reality..(!) but only one hero can save earth, and the last one left is you!

The most interesting thing about Meganoid beyond its OTT 1980s style plot and 8-bit style graphics and sound effects is the games replay and co-operative play dynamic. However rather than actual dual play co-op mode, Meganoid offers a friend-avatar feature powered by Openfeint – when your friends to play the game and they will start showing up in your game world, giving you story hints and more importantly: diamonds for extra lives, making the game easier as your friends play it.

It looks like great fun and Meganoid is out now – find other players on Facebook!

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