iPad 2 & Steve Jobs appearance see a rise in Apple Stock: Investors approve as APPL goes up by 0.80%

March 3, 2011, By Shawn Wagnon

That probably means that Steve Jobs got a bit richer as well. Of course, it is not like he is cashing on in on the 0.80 percent rise in stock, but this could probably be interpreted as investors’ approval of the iPad 2. They have seen it and looks like they love it! Apple’s shares closed 0.80 percent up at $352.12 and while part of that is the iPad 2 effect, there is also ‘the Steve Jobs factor’. Not to give the face of Apple Press Events too much credit, but seeing him healthy (looked relatively fine) and in control helped the positive move.

There is one thing the stock markets hate and that is peculation. With the event showing that Job is still firmly in control of the direction in which Apple is heading, it looks like everyone went home happy. Of course, the success of iPad 2 will dictate where things will head in future and the whole Apple team most likely is celebrating right now by working hard on iPhone 5!

It was fun watching the unveiling of Apple iPad 2 and we were floored by its sleek look and new improvements. The event dragged-on at the end with a very boring show of the apps, but we can let that pass. So, will iPad 2 be a world beater like the original iPad was? No matter how you feel, buying Apple stick is probably a good option in the long term (This is in no way an investment advice; obviously!)

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