8 Reasons why Apple iPad 2 will rule the tablet world in 2011

March 3, 2011, By Shawn Wagnon

The Apple iPad 2 Launch Event yesterday was the center of everything in tech world for a few hours and we are still feeling the reverberations. There are different takes already on the iPad 2, but what seems more or less certain is that the iPad 2 will be as successful, if not more, than first-gen iPad. Those who have tried it Hands-On vouch for the new ‘magical speed’. (If we can borrow that term from Jobs for a while) Here are 8 reasons why we think Apple iPad 2 will be insanely successful…

HDMI video output (1080p):

This allows you to just plug-in your iPad into a larger display like HDTV and have HDMI mirrored video output at an instant. This does away with having to plug-in your laptop or PC into your giant display for enjoying HD videos in all their glory. Just shell down extra $39 for the cable and get started… That simple.

10 Hours of Battery Life:

Despite improved performance and speed, Apple has managed to keep the battery life at 10 hours and that is important for a gadget that is used on the go. No point having a shiny and sexy new tablet that can do lots of cool stuff but will not last long enough. This is about mobility!

Ultra sleek light-weight design:

Again, when portability is a key aspect in a device, then dimensions and weight matter. And in case of the iPad 2 we were blown away when Steve Jobs told us at the event that it was thinner than the iPhone 4! At 8.8 mm thickness and 601g in weight, this should feel like a feather in your hand.

1Ghz dual core A5 Processor:

No matter how this compares in hardware with competition, what the new processor does is give the iPad 2 a speed bump up that has everyone talking. If you have read the Hands-On review, then you will know that the claim of twice the CPU speed and nine times graphics improvement is no joke. Apple have delivered with the new processor big time as it sufficiently and significantly improves iPad performance.

Available in white on launch:

This is another one that has everyone excited simply because we have not had the luxury of picking up a white version of an Apple gadget right at the launch. Both white and black iPad 2 units will be available starting March 11th and expect the pristine white one to be in hot demand. This should only bump up the sales big time…

iOS 4.3:

It is not just hardware, but also the software update that iPad 2 brings, which makes it all that more special. Faster Safari browser, Personal Hotspot and improved AirPlay are just a few things that come with new iOS update. This will ensure that apps on your iPad, which offer value-added experience, work seamlessly.

Price Tag:

This is simple — Apple is giving iPad 2 at the same prices it offered iPad. That means 16GB Wi-Fi-Only iPad 2 costs $499. Price is a huge factor in the tablet market and a casual consumer will be attracted by this. A knockout punch that should see the likes of Xoom re-thinking about their price!

Because it is Apple:

You can hate on this all you want, but ‘brand Apple’ sells. There is a certain ‘cool factor’ that comes attached with it. Maybe it is because of form factor, maybe the app store or simply the way they market stuff. You can crib on it all you want, but it is an inescapable reality for now.

Sure, there is still no ‘Flash Support’ and while we would like to see that as much as anyone else, still the iPad 2 wins us over. People did not seem to care too much about the lack of it first time around (as the sales point it out) and they may not once again.

As much as the Android fanbase will now come out saying “no flash support- EPIC Fail!’, iPad 2 is set to be the 2011: Tablet of the Year. Of course, you are welcome to disagree…

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