Steam Castle for Windows Phone 7 (Video)

March 2, 2011, By Christian Cawley

Here’s an unusual game for Windows Phone 7 – Steam Castle offers the unique steam punk gaming challenge of defeating enemies with hot air.

Steam Castle for Windows Phone

Described as the last fortress of hope for Humanity, Steam Castle is basically a static screen defender clone which features steam powered weapons to help manmind defeat the evil Mechanitrons.

While some of the concepts might be a little underdeveloped, the execution of the game is superb, and following its launch this week it is currently hitting an average rating of 4.5 stars on the Windows Phone Marketplace.

Using the Steam Shot Cannon (featuring unlimited ammo hindered only by the amount of steam pressure the castle can hold at a time) you can intercept enemies, missiles, and supplies, while the powerful Vortex and Scatter Shots should be employed to decimate the enemies or save Steam Castle in a pinch.

Scores can be uploaded, enabling you to compete against other players for the Steam Castle that did the most damage, and best of all this game is free!

Windows Phone 7 is attracting a lot of interesting new developers thanks to the ease with which the development tools can be employed, something that is likely to feed into mobile gaming across the board in a good way over the next few years.

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