New Multiplatform App Store

March 2, 2011, By Christian Cawley

Live this week with 500+ free mobile apps is Mobeep, cross-platform apps store and content marketplace with a vast catalogue of games that are available for suitable devices.

New app store from Mobeep

If you’re using an Android, Symbian, Palm or BlackBerry device then Mobeep is available for you, allowing you to  browse through new and hot apps, featured apps and top charts to find the best apps available.

Mobeep is of course yet another third-party app store for mobile devices that allow such things, and offers everything from games and music to e-books and social networking apps like Facebook and Twitter. The app categories on Mobeep also include photos, videos, software and many others. Apart from its vast library of free apps and free content, Mobeep also boasts a chic and highly user-friendly interface.

Other than offering an advanced security system that filters out malicious software and content, Mobeep really offers little that is new, however. While there are some dodgy apps on the Android Market, for instance, user feedback soon sends downloads of these plumetting. Mobeep only offers a pre-screening tool.

If you’re using a suitable mobile device, Mobeep can be downloaded for free at, while interested developers can go to for more information.

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