Motorola Webtop Application Arriving on All High-End Smartphones; Starting this June

March 2, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

If you would remember, we had recently reported about one of the cheapest ways to get the Motorola Atrix 4G and the laptop docking station bundled with it. We knew then there will be more takers since many were enchanted with the performance of the Atrix 4G like a laptop with the help of the docking station. Well, the news is that Motorola is going to transform all its high-end smartphones to fully functional laptop machines with the unique docking station.

This is not any rumor or slip of the  tongue from any employee from Motorola. Motorola has officially announced that they will be extending the docking station and compatible features to all their high-end smartphone product range.

Actually, it’s the Webtop application developed by Motorola that is behind this exceptional ability of the docking station. Webtop application helps the devices to connect and work with the laptop docking station accessory. Though users may feel that the smartphone-turned-laptop on the docking station resemble a netbook more than a laptop, it is very usable when considering the portability and performance ability.

However, according to top sources in the company, the docking station will be available for high-end Android devices only. The Webtop application which takes all the credit for turning a smartphone into a laptop, will be pre-loaded in the Motorola devices running on Android platform from June onwards.

Well, they just said high-end Android. We have t o wait and see whoever in the Moto line up will get the Webtop preloaded. Meanwhile, just watch the Atrix 4G working on the Dock posted below.

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