Microsoft rumored to showcase Windows 8 Tablet this June

March 2, 2011, By Shawn Wagnon

Seems like it is not just Apple iPad 2 that is making news in the tablet world today! Of course, compared to the iPad 2, the news of Windows 8 Tablets might not really be much more than just a little ripple. But Microsoft intends to give a demo of the Windows 8 for tablets by this June, according to the Business Insider.

It seems that Microsoft is all set to take some of the components from Windows Phone 7′s Metro UI and will use them liberally in the Windows 8. While Microsoft has not confirmed or denied the rumor at this point, it seems that the demo date seems more or less accurate with more than one source pointing to the same.

The interesting part of this news is that apparently Microsoft will “take a more Apple-like approach to interface design this time around.” Will be interesting to see what that means and when all the commotion about the iPad 2 settles down, maybe we will get more in this regard. Till then we wait to see if Microsoft makes an announcement on the Windows 8 timeline.

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