iPad 2 Launch Event: Apple & Steve Jobs decide to make fun of competition with a few ‘stinging’ slides(Samsung included!)

March 2, 2011, By Shawn Wagnon

With the kind of success that Apple iPad has achieved and with a tablet like iPad 2 up your sleeve, you can afford to have a bit of fun. Even if it is at the expense of your competition! In the case of Apple though, someone decided that they were going to shoot down Samsung as well. This was done with Jobs showing a misquoted statement from Samsung about the Galaxy Tab sales. But this is Steve Jobs and the guy gets away with anything and everything!

It is one thing to make fun of competition. Even if many do not feel it as an appropriate way to market your stuff, we can live with it. But Samsung are components supplier that help Apple build the iPad! Seems like Jobs decided that Samsung need Apple’s dough so badly that they will let the little joke pass. And guess what? That is what very well might happen and even if Samsung protest, it will never ever receive the spotlight that the iPad 2 launch got.

Now, with that out of the way, we move to Honeycomb and Motorola. First there was the slide with the Bee on it and showing apps count as 100 underneath. Simple enough for everyone to follow. Then the slide that you see above “2011: Year of the Copycats”. No symbols here as names have been liberally sprayed around.

Looking at the response it got and the initial hands-on reviews that rave about its speed, iPad 2 will most likely beat competition again with ease. That and the price tag of $499 for the basic iPad 2 should see that happen. But maybe they should have stayed away from that one little Samsung quote…

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