GodStoria Goes Global

March 2, 2011, By Christian Cawley

Remarkably,GodStoria: The Bible Online has had such a great reception since its initial launch that is it set to be made available in the US and the whole world!

GodStoria Goes Global

In case you missed the initial announcement, GodStoria: The Bible Online (from German publishers FIAA ) is the browser-based RTS which features notable Biblical figures such as Abraham, quests that follow the stories of Genesis and major updates with amazing names such as “Sodom and Gomorrah”!

Currently available in English and German, FIAA are adding Spanish and Polish servers, with French, Italian and Russian to follow as the wonderfully names GodStoria goes global.

GodStoria: The Bible Online is free to play and requires no additional software – the game takes place in your browser. As an MMO with elements of RTS and RPG, you take the role of leader of a tribe with the aim of constructing villages, manage resources and the budget. Protecting your tribe and and conquering new lands, users also lead their tribe and raise heroes through hunting and gathering experiences.

Find out more by visiting www.fiaagames.com.

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