Apple shipped 100 million iPhones: Also 15 million iPad units sold in 2010

March 2, 2011, By Shawn Wagnon

The iPhone has been on a selling spree since long and Apple’s sales have been up with each record breaking quarter. So it is barely surprising when Steve Jobs announced at the iPad 2 Launch Event that they recently shipped the 100 millionth iPhone unit. Also on offer was another record breaking number. This was in regards to the iPad and that Apple sold 15 million of these in 2010 alone.

These were few of the numbers that Steve Jobs shared with us before digging deep into the iPad 2. Obviously these are accomplishments that Apple is proud of and any company churning out those numbers should be elated. No matter what those who love Android or WP7 say, Apple have had enormous success in both the Smartphone market and the tablet arena and are still very much the leaders when it comes to selling individual items in such large numbers. (‘Android Devices’ is not one single unit)

From there Jobs moved on to apps and showcased how iOS had over 65,000 of those while mockingly displayed 100 under the Honeycomb symbol. (Not funny if you just bought the Xoom!) Well, no matter whether you agree with his product design or sense of humor, you just cannot argue with the man’s success (and that of Apple).

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