Apple iPad & Steve Jobs dictate the way Android tablets are built and priced today: Motorola CEO Sanjay Jha confirms by default?

March 2, 2011, By Shawn Wagnon

There will be Android fans up in arms when we tell them that the iPad and Steve Jobs actually dictate and shape the Android tablets in the market today. Maybe in a sense, this is not news to those who are not taking sides in the tablet market today. But for all those who feel that Android is the market leader or that the Xoom is well ahead of the iPad in the tablet war, Sanjay Jha has news for you. Motorola CEO himself conceded, though not in the exact words, that what Steve Jobs and Apple do dictates what Android tablets need to follow with!

Here is what Sanjay Jha had to say at the Morgan Stanley technology conference:

“You know, I think you and I were talking, the synthesis of the tablet was that we knew that iPad was launched and we got started building a product, and we felt very early on that we needed to deliver a product which had higher performance.

And of course at that time when we were doing it, we sort of thought that by the time we deliver a product, shortly thereafter there will be an iPad 2 or some such. So we had to shoot a little bit in front of where we felt the product — the iPad product was and therefore we definitely were shooting for performance.”

Now that makes it amply clear that the Xoom was designed keeping in mind what is happening in the high offices at Apple and anticipating what Apple might actually deliver with the launch of the iPad 2. Now, everyone understands that the iPad dictates the way in which the tablet market is going. But it seems a bit short-sighted to be building products based on guess work regarding what competition could offer.

Clearly, Apple and Jobs are making the rules in the tablet world and will continue to do so unless the Apple iPad 2 scheduled for today somehow fails to make a huge impact that is expected of it.

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