Apple iPad 2 Launch Event: Will a healthy Steve Jobs make an appearance at the all important unveiling?

March 2, 2011, By Shawn Wagnon

Apple has not said this themselves, but obviously the whole world already is certain that the iPad 2 is on its way out. The event is not too far away and while everyone is waiting with excitement to take a look at what the iPad 2 looks like, there seems to be bigger interest in whether Steve Jobs will make it to the event. The face of the company and the man at the helm of all things Apple for a while now is on a health leave and it would be a pleasant surprise to see him at the launch event in San Francisco.

This after the National Enquirer published ghastly predictions regarding his health and speculation was rife that shareholders wanted to see a succession plan for Jobs in place. But that seems far from reality and those close to company say that Jobs is considering making an appearance at the big event tomorrow.

Remember that Jobs unveiled the first iPad and brought about the tablet revolution that we see playing out today. It would be nice to see a healthy Jobs walk in and take center-stage once again with the iPad 2. While you have some arguing that Jobs might become the bigger talking point and take the spotlight away from the iPad 2, it would be only temporary and the iPad 2 should sell itself anyway.

It would be nice to see Steve jobs at the event. We hope he pays a visit- even if it is a short one!

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