Steve Jobs Knighthood nomination shot down by Gordon Brown: Ex- British PM opposed as Apple CEO refused an invite to Labour Party Conference?

March 1, 2011, By Shawn Wagnon

We are really not that sure if Steve Jobs is too bothered about being called ‘Sir Steve Jobs’. In fact, maybe he has better titles going around the Apple offices! But it seems a bit stupid when the prime minister of a country shoots down the idea of conferring an honor because the guy refused to speak at one of his party meetings in the past. Of course neither Apple nor Brown commented on the matter, but with the way things go in politics, this seems par for the course.

According to The Telegraph, an unnamed UK Labour party MP has given out this news bit. Knowing the man and his constant effort to ensure that Apple stay on top, we are assuming that Steve Jobs has no time for all this at the moment. Especially, when he is on a medical leave and is waging a personal battle with health issues.

There is little doubt that someone who has achieved as much as this guy has and done so fighting various battles, deserves the honor. We are not really sure about the criteria and all, to be very honest, but if Gates got it, Jobs seems deserving as well. Of course, there will be those who will talk about the philanthropic side of these two and maybe that is a bit of a difference.

But, for whatever it is worth, we are all for the Knighthood. Maybe Brown was a bit disappointed that he did not get the iPhone 4 in advance for free?

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