Penthouse 3D Channel to Turn On European Screens, Starting Today

March 1, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Adult entertainment is getting a new dimension. Penthouse’s plan to tickle the 18+ audiences’ taste buds could come about as a pioneering effort. If you haven’t heard as yet, Penthouse 3D, the first pan-European 3D-formatted adult channel will go on air today.

Penthouse already promised its US audience a 3D channel in the second quarter of this year, but, for whatever reason, it’s dishing the goods to Europeans even sooner — as in, right now. March 1st marks the pan-European launch for Penthouse 3D, an all

The new channel, which will offer audiences across Europe 100 per cent full 3D native HD content, comes at a time US audiences had been hoping for something of that sort to land on their television screens.

If you remember right, Penthouse had promised us that a similar service would be made available to the US viewers some time back.

A bit of a disappointment there, of course, for all our folks on US shores. But then, who knows, a USrelease could soon follow the European launch.

Getting back to where the action is, I guess European smut lovers are in for something big coming their way from today onwards.

A variety of preview videos available online make it clear that passive glasses 3D are being lined up.

The offer will include 30 hours of videos monthly and would have distinctive hard core and soft core feeds.

European fans, in case you do not want to miss out on some dirty stuff, make sure you are up in front of your Penthouse TVs between 11:00 pm and 5:00 am (GMT +1) on ASTRA 3B, 23, 5° East. Gosh, 3D porn is on the way! Gear up!

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