Google restores access to one-third of its affected Gmail users: Is it really a massive outage?

March 1, 2011, By Shawn Wagnon

Compared to the kind of outages that generally tend to occur on the net, (with the likes of paid services like Skype and Netflix at times), it seems that people might have over-reacted a bit to the Google Gmail outage that happened a little while ago. Of course, this is not to undermine the inconvenience caused to those who suffered, but when you consider the number of people who were affected, it does not seem as “massive’ as many would have you believe.

From the estimated numbers, only 0.02% of Gmail users across the globe have suffered because of the outage and to their credit Google has responded swiftly and addressed the issue. At the moment, already one-third of the affected have had their accounts restored.

To put it in figures, there were probably around 40,000 people affected among the millions of users across the globe and of those, already 13.000 have had their account restored to normalcy. Just makes you wonder if sometimes people tend to react a bit more than necessary to a certain issue. Again, we are not talking about the ones who faced the problem, but those who did not and yet were harping about how “huge” the outage was.

Think the internet made a bigger deal out of it than necessary?

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