Download Samsung Galaxy S Android 2.3.2 Gingerbread Update: Galaxy S Gingerbread update leaked even as others wait for Froyo!

March 1, 2011, By Shawn Wagnon

Samsung has a funny way of doing things. Funny if you are not a Samsung Android Smartphone user. And if you are one, then you can call it frustrating, annoying or irritating depending on your own experience. There are a lot of things that Samsung has going on for itself, but Android updates is not one of them. It seems they somehow find a way to make people wait. But, this is not about waiting, it is about a leaked update that is out early!

While Samsung is still trying hard to give people on its handsets Froyo updates (the news of which we are keeping a track of on a daily basis), the Android 2.3.2 update for Samsung Galaxy S users has been out leaked out and is now open for download. That really is news considering how Sammy is constantly behind the schedule with things.

The bigger question here is how a legitimate Gingerbread update found its way out before Samsung releasing it officially. Now before you shoot it down, it has been tried, tested and is very much the real thing. So, you need not worry about fake links and harmful software. This should really make Galaxy S users happy, but those who are still waiting for Froyo on Samsung must be seeing red.

Here is the link to the forum that has the Gingerbread update for Galaxy S. Try it at your own risk though!!

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