Apple iPad ‘Deletion’ Signs at BestBuy Hint at Speedy Arrival of iPad 2

March 1, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

What does it mean when a first generation device is  in short supply? When it comes to an Apple product, it would only be natural that you and I think more about the second generation device that is in the offing. News of the existing model getting on the shortage path at retail outlets makes us all think more on a speedy arrival of the iPad 2.

BestBuy displays show that the current-generation 3G and Wi-Fi iPads  are no more present in their stock. There are no signs of bringing in more units too.  Look at the ‘Deleted’ sign in the pictures we stumbled upon, courtesy of folks at MacRumors, and you will know what makes us think so.

Though not all BestBuy stores are reporting obsolete stock of the Apple iPad, going by the increasing number of outlets gearing up to show the ‘Deleted’ signs, we need to start looking forward to the iPad 2 very soon. If you log on to Best Buy’s online store you will get to understand that online shipping of the 16GB Wi-Fi model is no more available.

We guess the store is now training their eyes on seeing and ushering in the second generation iPad in a short while. In case you forgot, in a few hours from now, the much publicized Apple event will get underway and that platform is expected to be witness to an important announcement that will have something about the release of the iPad2.

To be spruced up with a dual-core and support for support for 1080p video, the  Apple iPad 2 with the dual cameras will be one device Apple wants to keep extremely lightweight. All about that will just flow out of the Apple event in a short while from now. Stay tuned for more on that.

By the way, no worries on something that is passé (almost).  Look forward to the second generation device. If you are someone waiting in anticipation to own the Apple iPad 2, tell us more on that.

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