Nikon D4 DSLR to come with Thunderbolt tech

February 28, 2011, By Alex Ion

The up and coming Nikon D4 is said to be the first DSLR to feature Intel’s new Light Peak technology. Officially known as “Thunderbolt”, the new tech allows for 10-gigabit/s speeds for data transfers to and from external devices.

Thunderbolt will be first launched by Apple with their new Mac Book Pro lineup, and it looks like Nikon will be the first camera manufacturer to use it for their high-end D4.

But why would any camera need Light Peak, we hear you asking?

According to Intel, the new transmission technology is much faster than recently introduced solutions like USB 3.0. That means you’ll be capable to send all the data — and we all know how RAW files can be quite large — to a computer directly without storing anything on a memory card. Or you can use it for HD video shooting? Must be nice a nice feature, especially for studio-based users.

Will “Thunderbolt” make the new Nikon D4 more interesting to you?

Is it just overkill?

[via NikonRumors]

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