HP dv6t & HP dv7t Quad-core Edition laptops available

February 28, 2011, By Alex Ion

HP is updating their laptop lineup with the new quad-core packed HP dv6t & HP dv7t models.

Now available in the HP store, both the dv6t and the dv7t have the new Core i7 chips (2820QM) under the hood, ticking at 3.40GHz (if you’re using HP’s Turbo Boost systems, of course). The default running speed for this processor however, is at 2.3GHz, with other versions clocking at 2.2GHz (i7-2720QM) and 2GHz (i7-2630QM).

Other features include AMD’s Mobility Radeon HD6570 graphics with 1GB of RAM, that will deliver amazing performance when playing any of the very demanding video games on the market right now.

The new HP dv6t has a 15.6″ display, while the dv7t comes with a 17.3″ display. They start at $1,000 and $1,100 respectively, and allow for a $150 instant rebate, 6GB of free memory and a 750GB HDD upgrade if you want it/need it. And remember, both models can be customized to meet your budget and higher — lower or higher.

Not a bad deal, considering what you’re getting for your money. Don’t you think?

[via HP: dv6t, dv7t]

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