Serious Sam Boxed on Xbox 360

February 27, 2011, By Christian Cawley

Croteam’s Serious Sam HD First & Second Encounter will be available to buy as a boxed copy for the Xbox 360 from 4th March 2011!

Serious Sam HD on Xbox 360

This gives Xbox 360 gamers the chance to pick up the complete Serious Sam story so far, in glorious HD graphics, and take advantage of a physical purchase – something which recent statistics suggest gamers prefer to digital downloads.

If you’re new to the Serious Sam series, the games follow Sam “Serious” Stone and his fight against the forces of the notorious extraterrestrial overlord Mental who seeks to destroy humanity. Considered a first person shooter with attitude, you’ll find fewer corridors and more open environments as Sam batterles to take out dozens of simoultaneously attacking enemies.

Assisting Sam is  NETRICSA (NE uro-TR onically I mplanted C ombat S ituation A nalyser), an advanced computer AI surgically implanted into his skull, serving as an in-game strategy guide, cataloging encountered enemies and weapons, and at the same time providing bits about the background story and hints on how to progress. Meanwhile, enemy designs often take inspiration from mythology and fantasy, and include anything from flying harpies, to giant bipedal cybernetic monsters, to headless suicide-bombers.

Standard single player action will be enhanced with cooperative gameplay via online, network and split screen playm, and the HD remakes of the original games feature vastly improved textures and character models, new co-op game modes and more lush environments.

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