RIM Blackberry Playbook Tablet to Support Android Apps – In the Near Future! (Video)

February 27, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

This could be something you would never have even guessed. RIM and Android together could be an odd combo, many would have thought. Not really! At some point of time in the near future we will be able to see the RIM Blackberry Playbook tablet supporting Android applications.

Though not much has been revealed, the hint comes via a video that has a RIM representative utter a few words relating to such a possibility (at the MWC). If you are still not able to digest that, play the video (posted below) and keep your ears tuned to the words that flow out at the 14th second.

We don’t expect RIM to come out with an official announcement on that very soon, though. The RIM rep who just mentioned that cements some grapevine talk regarding such a move. The “We’ll also support Android apps” we clearly hear at 0:14 seconds in the YouTube video is nothing close to confirmation, we know. But then when a RIM insider utters that, we guess, we need to hope positively for such a thing to happen.

Gong by what we saw at MWC 2011, the RIM BlackBerry PlayBook is something of an amazing piece of technology coming our way. And, to think it would let Google Android step in under the hood, is nothing sort of a fabulous venture.

We are in fact looking forward to see the RIM BlackBerry PlayBook that would run Google’s Android application.

Here’s the source video we were talking about:

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