Creating a Photo Fuse Image with Windows Live Photo Gallery

February 27, 2011, By Christian Cawley

Among Windows Live Photo Gallery’s various useful edit and create tools is the ability to fix a photograph that was otherwise ruined by one of the subjects frowning or blinking.

If you have already been impressed by the ability of this free utility to stitch together panoramas, be prepared to be further captivated!

As you might have seen in some of the TV commercials for Windows 7, there is a tool in Windows Live Photo Gallery that lets you replace one element of a photograph with another. This is idea for fixing a photo that might have only been slightly ruined by a blink or quick look to one side, and as long as multiple images from the same position were snapped, the Photo Fuse tool can be used!

Creating a Photo Fuse image with Windows Live Photo Gallery

Selecting Images for Photo Fuse

Choosing suitable images for Photo Fuse requires digital snaps that are all but identical – the setting and position of the camera must be the same and the personnel should all be the same as well (although you might “add” an individual into a photo if they are occupying space that was left empty).

The most obvious choice for a Photo Fuse project would be a party, where multiple snaps are often taken of the same group of people. As long as the images don’t feature any noticeable difference in position among the subjects, the end fused image should work out just fine.

Creating a Photo Fuse Image with Windows Live Photo Gallery

With the images saved to your PC and indexed in Windows Live Photo Gallery, browse through your digital photos to find the ones that you want to fuse together. You might have two or three that you want to take advantage of, and these can be chosen by ticking the checkbox in the top left corner of the thumbnail.

After selection, go to Create > Photo Fuse – the software will then calculate if the images can be fused by lining up the various elements within. If you’re OK to proceed, Windows Live Photo Gallery will display the Photo Fuse display.

With a square displayed around a subject of the photo that Windows Live Photo Gallery thinks you might want to alter, you will see a selection of alternatives from the same exact position across the chosen photos listed to the right of this square. If the wrong element is highlighted you can drag the square around or select a new one; when you’re happy with what is displayed, select the preferred alternative from the list on the right.

If you’re not happy with the change, all you need to do is undo this by pressing CTRL+Z; alternatively discard the project using the Cancel button in the top left. If you’re happy with the change, remember to Save!

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