Modern Warfare 3 site is Not Related to Activision[UPDATED]

February 26, 2011, By Christian Davis

UPDATE: Geoff Keighley received an image from the production of the Call of Duty short film that’s connected to It appears that the film is based off of Modern Warfare 2. Here’s the image below.

Original Story: The Modern Warfare 3 teaser site went from being a huge surprise, to a hoax, and is now not related to Activision’s title at all. Renowned journalist Geoff Keighley got down to the bottom of the whole thing. has no Activision involvement at all, and it turns out to be the work of a couple fans. We Can Pretend is behind all of this. Who are they? They’re a Toronto, Canada based crew who are launching a Call of Duty inspired project on March 2nd.

So now all the theories can be put to rest. It’s not an Alternative Reality Game or a stab at Activision from EA. Just some dedicated fans.

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