Windows Phone 7 Ad Leaked; Shows as Posing Real Time Speed Challenges to Other Devices

February 24, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Moving in line with the laptop hunter advertisements of 2009, Microsoft is planning to roll out a set of advertisements to woo owners of non-Windows Phone 7 devices by showing off the brisk performance of the MS smartphone OS.

In a leak, a set of commercials in draft form have been caught in wild which compare a Windows Phone 7 device with any other non-WP7 phone. Designed as real time trials, they challenge the viewers to compete with the Windows Phone 7 device in the ad.

It takes out several tasks like clicking a picture and sending it to Facebook, checking the Xbox achievements or telling your colleagues that you will be late or getting directions home.

The phone in the ad, works while a stop watch ticks in the backdrop. As your competitor completes each of these tasks in a matter of seconds, and finds time to do whatever he likes, (often humorous and poking your slow device) you are supposed to wonder about the speed of the Windows Phone 7 device in the ad.

These flash videos, specifically designed for web, are expected to land in major websites soon. If you want to take up this challenge with devices on Android or other platforms, check for the ads when they get launched in the web in their full form. Meanwhile, we have got the video for you.

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