Vodafone UK Google Nexus S Android Gingerbread Now Shipping; Exciting Plans Add to Charm

February 24, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Calling all our UK readers! This is hot news from Vodafone for you. Vodafone has started directly shipping the Gingerbread phone from Google – the Nexus S. Though the whole lime light is on the latest Honeycomb, especially with the Xoom launch, it’s a fact that Gingerbread is the latest one for smartphones, and we were all waiting for its launch in the UK. So, finally, it has arrived on Vodafone.

The real news is that you get it for free, on Vodafone. Really? Not really though. They demand you £25 monthly plan for two years. Wait, there is more in the package. For that deal, you bag 100 minutes and 500 texts free along with half GB free data on mobile internet. How is that?

Well, going by other offers, adding just £5 with the above plan, you still get Nexus S free but 500 minutes more and same half GB free data usage on mobile internet as in the aforesaid plan. Here, you get unlimited texting, till your fingers are exhausted.

More is in store for you. If you don’t mind paying £35, you get much more than what you get in other plans along with a free Nexus S. This package gives you unlimited texting, 1200 minutes, 750 MB of data usage. However, all these work only for a two year contract.

Two years is a long period, especially in the gadget world – may be Nexus S may not be a name in the reckoning at all then. So if you want to cut down the period to 18 months, pay £40 a month and fetch 900 minutes, unlimited texts and 750 MB of internet.

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