Motorola Xoom Ready for Sale on Verizon

February 24, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Folks, it is here at last. Motorola Xoom is now ready for sale at Verizon. As announced earlier, the Honeycomb tablet has appeared at the Verizon website with its grabbing tag, ‘grab it and it grabs you’.

So if you are really interested to get grabbed by this Honeycomb experience on a 10.1 inch HD wide-screen display with the power of NVIDIA T20 dual core, head for the Verizon web store here. As per their earlier promise, Verizon is brining Motorola Xoom for the cheapest price of $599.99. But the price tag comes with a two-year contract.

If you don’t mind spending some more bucks on this enchanting device and the 5.0 MP cam on its rear with LED flash assistance, you may go for the full retail price of $799.99. There is no difference in price even if you go for a one-year contract.

However, those who are looking for a better price may wait a little since the model available with Verizon right now is the LTE-ready version which touts about its 4G capabilities.

But there could be the Wi-Fi only version hitting the shelves with a lower price soon. Or if you are not in a hurry, wait till we confirm the rumored March 2nd launch of iPad2 from Apple.

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