Finding and Playing Free Music with Grooveshark

February 24, 2011, By Christian Cawley

Finding the right music to listen to can be tricky – even with thousands of MP3s saved on your PC, you could be struggling to find music to suit your mood.

The best solution to this problem is to head online and find some new music to listen to. There are various ways you can do this – web based applications such as Pandora or offer a streaming service that plays you music based on your previous choices, and this is a great way of ensuring the music gets played is the kind of stuff you want to listen to. If it isn’t, all you need to do is skip the track or mark it so it is never played again.

Finding and playing free music with Grooveshark

However while Pandora and might sound like good choices, each of them have their drawbacks. Most notably Pandora is no longer available outside of the USA. This withdrawal of services lead to an explosion of similar websites to take advantage of the gap in the market, and is a good example of such a website.

Another example is Grooveshark, which can be accessed via This web application will allow you to search for and enjoy music stored online and stream it to your computer – for free!

Using Grooveshark

One of the best things about the ad-supported Grooveshark is that signing up to use it isn’t compulsory – you can browse their tracks and add them to your playlist for free.

There is even a free account option that allows you to take advantage of various useful functions, and this can be signed up to via the Create Account link. While doing this you have the option of signing up to Grooveshark Plus or Grooveshark Anywhere (a mobile app), both of which are subscription services – however you can skip this for a later time when you are happy enough with the service to use it more extensively.

Finding and Playing Music with Grooveshark

Searching for music of Grooveshark is simple – just use the search box at the top of the page in order to find a song or artist or your choice. With these details displayed, you can then browse for the recording you want to play via some buttons that appear when you mouse-over the song title.

If nothing is playing already then the Play button will let you start listening straightaway – otherwise you can drag the selection down to the playlist area at the foot of the page. Subsequent song searches will display a slightly different icon, a Play symbol with a small plus sign beside it, and when clicked this track will be added to the playlist for playing later on.

You can add tunes to the playlist queue until you’re happy, and then hit play to start listening to them. If you want to change the order of playback, simply drag the song titles into their preferred position.

Once you have got started with Grooveshark you will find that there are many features and functions that you can use, from listening to a generated “radio” of content to uploading your own tracks…

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