Xoom to get LTE Update in ‘Approximately 90 Days”: Needs to be shipped back to Motorola factory for update

February 23, 2011, By Shawn Wagnon

The Motorola Xoom will be out in the stores starting today and while Verizon will offer the 4G LTE tablet, you will only get that part in a few months time. To be more precise, it will take approximately 3 months to get that LTE update up and running on the Motorola Xoom. This news comes after a day in which it has started receiving mixed early reviews.

An earlier leaked Verizon Wireless document did point to the end of May as the time for the LTE update and the “approximately 90 days” clause fits it perfectly. And for those who are interested in the details of it, the Xoom will get both hardware and software tweaks for the update. This means it is going back to the Motorola factory for a week away from you (Yeah, a trip back home away from you after 3 months of usage)

The update and the shipping will be free of cost and all you will have to put up with is the parting with your beloved Motorola Xoom! Well, seems like Xoom has been rushed a bit by Motorola just to get it ahead of the Apple iPad 2. That is what it looks like and that is what the early Xoom Reviews seem to suggest. So, buying one?

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