Why there will be no iPad 1.5, iPad 3 or Mini iPad this year from Apple: Don’t change it if it isn’t broke!

February 23, 2011, By Shawn Wagnon

By now you would have already seen this, read this or heard this from somewhere. If not, then the rumors currently doing rounds (and they are really swirling around) indicate that Apple will launch two iPads in the coming few months. Some say that we will get the iPad 1.5 now (with March 2nd unveiling) and then the iPad 2 later. Others will tell you that the iPad 2 is coming now, but an iPad 3 is on its way in August/September.

Then there is the Mini iPad thing- the 6-inch iPad that will be the cheaper alternative. But we firmly believe that the iPad 2, the successor of the hugely popular iPad is going to be unveiled on March 2nd and then should hit stores in April. After that, there will be no iPad releases till another year. Yeah, we know we are just following the Apple annual cycle, but then why would you not want to?

Having another iPad model and cramming it in the next 6 months makes no sense for various reasons. For starters, many are still interested in the iPad. Why would Apple want to really hurt its own product by launching two others in such a short period? Even when iPad 2 is here, the iPad prices would drop and then there would be a cheaper choice already. So what is the need for a 6-inch tablet?

If convenience is your answer, then there is no way Jobs will approve it. If 7-inch tablets were dead on arrival, a 6-inch tablet is as good as dead and buried? Moreover launching two iPad models in space of few months would just split Apple’s existing market and add nothing new. iPad 2 is going to arrive and Apple will do all it can to ensure it stays in demand for a good year before the next one is rolled out.

Now, we are not shooting down the idea of a device with 6-inch display. It could be maybe a bigger iPod Touch. That seems a lot safer bet at this point than a 6-inch iPad. Now, this is just our take of things and we obviously could be wrong. We would love to see more iPad models out too, but it seems to make very little business sense at this point when Apple is doing just fine with the existing system of things.


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