webOS 2.1 Update for Pre Plus Now Available for O2 Germany Customers

February 23, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

If you would remember, HP had already made it almost clear during a recent webOS event that older Palm devices like the original Pre, the Pre Plus, the Pixi, and the Pixi Plus will not get the previously assured update to webOS 2.0. The reason stated for this was that the older devices lacked the horsepower to properly run the webOS 2.0.

Well, a new update tells us that we may not have to believe this unfortunate clarification. The latest on that front is that the Pre Plus is actually going to get an even further  webOS 2.1 update.

The speculation seems to be treading the positive path and a new firmware package is available for download for Pre Plus customers on O2 Germany. The update enables them to update to version 2.1 of webOS for their slider handsets.

However, the company has been actively discouraging users and programmers from using this latest software with the device that falls under the older category of handsets. Are you among those who own the Pre Plus in Germany? Do not hesitate to tell us if you have decided to really go for the update.

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