T-Mobile revs up My Touch 4G & G2 to $250: Following the footsteps of Samsung Galaxy S 4G!

February 23, 2011, By Shawn Wagnon

This kind of seems a strange thing to do and no matter what the reasons are (which we are still unable to comprehend) why in the world would you increase the price of handsets that have been already around for a while. But that is the way things are at T-Mobile for now and after letting us know that the Samsung galaxy S 4G would cost $200 (not $150, as previously informed), now it is the turn of the My Touch 4G and T-Mobile G2 to go up the ladder.

If you remember things from just a week or two back, then T-Mobile gave most of these handsets on what was basically ‘free on contract’ deals. Now they come in and just increase the price tags of the mobiles that have been around for a while when logic tells you that they need to go down the cash scale a bit.

With Verizon and AT&T providing people with many more options and retailers out there who are willing to give away both the My Touch 4G and the G2 for far, far less, this is not really a move that does much for T-Mobile. Better give this another thought guys…

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