T-Mobile New Unlimited 5 GB Data Usage Plan to Launch This Year

February 23, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

We know you have many a time wished for some miracle to fetch you a better data usage plan than the frugal ones you are made to choose these days. This is the popular feeling even as more and more devices with faster browsing ability get introduced in the market. We think better unlimited plans are on their way, at least with T-mobile.

A recent leak from T-Mobile hints that North America’s fourth largest network is mulling over introducing a sort of unlimited data usage plan for its users. If not now, anytime soon.

A leaked  blurred cam shot of a seemingly staff-training content from T-Mobile has an interesting mention about ‘an unlimited plan for more than 5 GB of monthly data use’. The document goes on to say that the plan will launch ‘sometime this year’. Well, that is sweet news for the customers on T-Mobile’s present data plans.

Currently, T-Mobile customers have 5 GB web access coupled with unlimited T-Mobile HotSpot plan sold out for $39.99 per month. But there are wide complaints that the carrier puts a cap on the downlink speeds if the usage exceeds 5 GB.

We may well hope that with the unlimited plan on the leaked document when introduced sometime this year, will take away such restrictions in data usage.

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