Steve Jobs turns 56 this Feb 24th: An outlet to Wish Steve Jobs ‘Happy Birthday’!

February 23, 2011, By Shawn Wagnon

Love Apple? Even if you are not exactly what the internet likes to call “an Apple Fanboy”, you probably still admire Steve Jobs and all he has accomplished over the years. You might not always like the guy for his style of press conferences and statements, but you cannot hate him for being successful as hell. The guy deserves all the credit he gets and accolades being showered upon him. Now, as Apple’s top man turns 56, here is a way of wishing him on his Birthday.

The website ‘Happy Birthday Steve Jobs’ was created by students from Imperial College London. The design of the site seems like exactly what the man in black-turtleneck and denim blue jeans would want himself. It is black, minimalist, stylish and kind of reflects Apple.

Posting messages is simple. Just type in your name, put the message and submit. If you are hooked on Facebook, then you can share it via that as well. We like the look of it and considering Jobs’ ongoing battle with health issues, it is a nice gesture as well. Nothing can lift your spirits like hundreds of thousands of wishes on your birthday!

So here is wishing Steve Jobs a very Happy Birthday well in advance and all the very best with his health. May the man go on to unveil many more iPhones and iPads and more… You can go to Hapy Birthday Steve Jobs to post your wishes

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