Steve Jobs Succession Plan: Apple rejects the idea as it could telegraph strategy to competitors

February 23, 2011, By Shawn Wagnon

Apple shareholders meeting ended and while there might be other news coming out of it, there will be no Steve Jobs succession plan on cards. Whatever Apple has planned for the future, it is going to keep under wraps for now. The reason for that is pretty simple and it is to keep competitors from attracting the top talent in the company away with lucrative offers. A succession plan out in the open would only see others target those next in line after Jobs.

This was one of the big talking points before going into the Shareholders meeting in Cupertino and as initially expected, there would not be any succession plan chalked out and revealed to the world. By all means the decision makes complete sense. Also all seven members of the board were re-elected and that includes Jobs as well.

While Steve Jobs’ health has been a major issue in the media for the last few weeks (which should never have been a ‘media concern’ in the first place), it seems that he is doing just all right and there is absolutely no reason for immediate concern. So with some rest, appropriate medical care and time off, the most recognized face of Apple should be back once again soon… Hopefully

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