Sharp Lynx SH-03C, First Glasses-Free 3D Smartphone, Lacks Luster

February 23, 2011, By Leo Xavier

Sharp has ventured into the 3D phone terrain with their first glasses-free 3D device. Though a path breaking device, the new Sharp Lynx SH-03C glasses-free 3D phone seems to have left much to desire for. For, going by the looks the glasses free 3D phone doesn’t create much of an impression.

Guys at Akihabara News who got to play with the device say the Sharp Lynx SH-03C runs on a stock version of Android 2.1 – something which people collecting antiques would love.

May be, the only notable feature of the phone is the 3.8 inch display with 480×800 resolution. Apart from displaying the UI in 3D, it supports a bunch of apps which utilize the 3D capabilities of the device.

The 9.5 megapixel camera with auto-focus allows users to capture still pictures in 3D and 720p HD videos. However, the video recording feature is plagued with technical issues and poor quality. Due to the absence of multiple cameras, Sharp has gone for a technical trick to create 3D still image capture. That could mean that users will have to pan the device to record 3D images.

Well, it’s just the first device of that sort. We guess the future devices could come with improvements that would deliver real 3D experience – glasses free.  We just need to wait.

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