Samsung planning on launching an 8.9-inch Galaxy Tab soon: Covering every inch from 7 to 10 Sammy?

February 23, 2011, By Shawn Wagnon

Instead of improving on the pretty popular Samsung Galaxy Tab (Yeah, the 7-inch one) and probably offering updates on time without pushing dates back one month after another, Samsung is now trying hard to make an 8.9-inch Galaxy Tab. So, they have one in the 7-inch range, one in 10-inch and now another one is going to come out in the 9-inch range. Seems like Samsung is trying hard, too hard, to beat Apple by covering every inch between seven and eleven!

That seems a bit of an odd move and to be honest, it looks like they are just trying to tick off every size in the range. Of course, a well done 8.9-inch Galaxy Tab might appeal to those who think the 7-inch model is too small and the 10.1-inch one is too large. If you fall in that category, then this should make you happy.

The rumor (and seems a believable one as the predicted 10-inch tab also came true) is that the 8.9-inch tablet with Honeycomb will be out sometime in the Summer this year and again, all this is being done to ensure people who are looking for options other than iPad have something to pick up. This is now turning almost like a lottery, “Guess the Galaxy Tab Tablet Size”

Like the new idea? Or do you think Samsung should concentrate on existing models and make them more competitive?

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