Samsung Galaxy S 4G on T-mobile for $199.99: Ready to wait for Gingerbread?

February 23, 2011, By Shawn Wagnon

There are a few things that are going to go against the Samsung Galaxy S 4G at the moment. While none of them might stop those who ‘only want this Smartphone’, they could become a factor in how many of Galaxy S 4G units fly off of store shelves. T-Mobile has just made the mobile available and it will set you back by good $200. As we hear it, that is already effectively $50 more than what Walmart will offer it for. (Though that would be Mall-in Rebate)

Now here is why the Samsung Galaxy S 4G may be hard to sell with that $200 price tag attached. Many obviously feel that it is a glorified version of the T-Mobile Vibrant from the past and think that there are way better handsets for that price. Even if you like the additions like the front-facing camera and all, the thought of the Galaxy S II hot on its heels might stop others from snapping up the Galaxy S 4G.

Then there is the long and infamous saga of Samsung and Android OS updates. This one is coming out on Froyo and hence you will have to wait for a Gingerbread update. Knowing Samsung, that could be a very long and painful wait and by the time it does come out you just don’t really give a damn about it as you are just vexed with the wait.

So, think twice and if you still want the Galaxy S 4G, then you can buy it now from T-Mobile.

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